Enjoy Being Human

Kailey Tedesco

black velvety / black feathery

i, strangling, have kept pets —
spiders / bees / turkey vultures

all cramped inside my shredded
nylons made roomy

in me bestiaries lush
emerald as fungus

in me a wide rainforest splays
& the howl of canary fuzzes

in my throat ghosts go to Me
when they die & i cage

them like rosary
hear the cadence of possession

swarm my innards but know it is
only the weightless dry

of a cicada long sunned
over all these creatures

damned to eternities
grafted from my body's


About Kailey Tedesco

Contributor headshot, Kailey Tedesco

Kailey Tedesco is the author of These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese (Dancing Girl Press). She is the editor in–chief of Rag Queen Periodical and a staff writer for Luna Luna Magazine. She frequently performs with the Poetry Brothel. Her poetry can be found in Yes, Poetry, Prick of the Spindle, Rogue Agent, Sugar House Review, and more. Her first full-length collection, She Used to be on a Milk Carton, is forthcoming from April Gloaming Publishing. For more information, please visit kaileytedesco.com.

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