Enjoy Being Human

Mark Berriman

Blitzkrieg Now

They will hang
a name on him

They tread over corpses
of his kin

Tarring and feathering
his homeland

Keeping bugs
in jars
on bedside tables
He’s kicking it
for Christ
Kicking for Christ

Something that should
have been beaten
out of him
long ago

Too many druggy days
treating them likes whores
Putting x's through numbers
Calendar pages falling to floor

Following footsteps
and he won't learn
a damn thing
where others have walked

As he twists
his Rollie Fingers
He is a gorgeous man
but he makes decisions
like an ugly boy

He put his time in
On factory floor
He swept
white trash away

He inserts his tongue
and tastes
my brain
Put stones in my pockets
and we go down

About Mark Berriman

Contributor headshot, Mark Berriman

Mark Berriman is a published author, a poet and artist, musician, and is the leader of the New Brutalism literary movement. His most recent book is That Turned Ugly Fast, featuring a foreword by Viggo Mortensen.

Mark’s first book, Scar Lit (2003) was written under the name Mark Edward Marston. He took a ten year break from writing poetry and then returned with the Soap Box Stomping Trilogy– Brutally Frank (2012), Kink in the Chain (2013), and That Turned Ugly Fast (2015).

Mark is currently at work on his first novel. He can be found on the web at www.markberriman.com.

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